Vancouver 1979 – Disco was the rage, the Canucks only had one jersey and parking in Vancouver didn’t require a meeting with your bank manager. That was the year the BG Bakery Café first opened its doors to the people of Vancouver.

Today, cafes and coffee houses are a dime a dozen but the BG stands out as Vancouver’s original Bakery Café, standing the test of time and welcoming generations of devoted “Bread Head’s” through their doors. Twenty-nine years after first opening

it’s doors, this local treasure has grown dramatically – currently consisting of 18 Café locations throughout the Lower Mainland. The BG is a part of Vancouver’s history and a part of Vancouverite’s daily routines.

Originally owned by The Spectra Group of Great Restaurants Inc., a Vancouver company with multiple restaurant concepts under its umbrella, the BG Franchising rights were sold in May of 2004 to BG Franchising Inc. The 18 BG Café locations have now been sold as individual franchises and all locations are operated as family run businesses. We are hoping to add to the BG family with several new site openings in 2011.


The BG offers patrons a European culinary experience, all centered on innovative meal creations. Breakfast, lunch, afternoon delights or dinner are available for enjoyment on site, delivered to your door or available for pick up. Delicacies include hand-made hot grilled sandwiches, decadent cakes and tarts and a varied selection of globally inspired entrees. Our rich coffee blends, exclusively roasted for the BG, include Rain City Blend, Garden Blend, Fair Trade Organic Blend, Espresso Blend and Decaf Blend.

The BG is a lifestyle dining establishment offering customers an always fresh quality meal, superior service and those hard to find lifestyle products not available in traditional eateries, all within a value driven range of prices.

High quality goods that are good for the body and pleasing to the palate.

Feel good food.